30 Oct 16

First Time Dogging – A Beginners Guide For Couples

The time has arrived, you’ve talked about it, imagined it and have got turned on by it. Now you just want to get out there and do it.

Yep dogging is definitely for you, but what do you do now?

There are three distinct areas to focus on and I’m going to guide you through them with this article. First off you need to find the right spot for you, then you need to put together your dogging kit and finally I’m going to cover dogging etiquette, there are general unwritten rules of play and you ignore them at your peril.

Finding The Right Spot

This is probably the hardest part of dogging. You can’t just turn up at any old car park and expect there to be dozens of cars with all the occupant hoping to see some shagging or get a shag. It just doesn’t happen like this, you need to do some research into your local scene first.

If you already know doggers then they are the ideal people to at least give you some initial guidance. They will know the local hot spots, in addition if you can join up with them it offers some moral support and security.

If you don’t know any other doggers then your first port of call should be the Internet. Spend some time going through forum postings which are local to your area, see if you can identify regular posters and engage with them. Also see which spots are being recommended, visit them in daylight to see what you think first and then go back in the evening. Remember this is supposed to be fun and if you don’t feel safe you won’t enjoy it as much.

When you have found a suitable area either keep an eye on the forums for it to be mentioned or put a posting up yourself asking if anyone is going there.

Putting Together Your Dogging Kit

A dogging kit? Surely all you need is yourself and horniness!

Being horny is definitely a prerequisite and you obviously need yourself, but there are also other items you may want to take with you.

You will need a bag capable of hold everything you need to at least clean yourself up after sex. Your kit should at least consist of a towel, wet wipes, condoms, lubricant and a plastic bag (to take all your rubbish away with you).

If you are going to go dogging in woodland, a field or generally out of the car you may find a blanket offers a little bit of extra comfort. You may also need some type of bug spray as there is nothing worse than getting bit on areas that don’t usually see the light of day.

If you regularly use sex toys at home then you may want to continue their use outdoors. Go for quieter toys, as you don’t want to attract any unwanted interest from the loud buzzing coming from the far corner of the car park and remember those spare batteries.

Dogging Etiquette

Dogging etiquette doesn’t just mean being nice to your partner it involves not only them but voyeurs and other non-dogging visitors to the location.

The majority of complaints about dogging sites isn’t about the sex, it’s usually concerning the rubbish that is left behind by doggers. Having used condoms, wrappers and bottles of lubricant left in a beauty spot car park is not what the locals want. If they didn’t know anything was going on, then seeing loads of condom wrappers will quickly make them aware and will drive them to the police and/or council. This results in the location being more heavily monitored and effectively shutdown, thereby spoiling everyones fun.

Always remember that no means no. If your partner isn’t up for it when you arrive don’t try to pressurise them into it. Neither of you will enjoy it and it could ruin your relationship.

Don’t force your fun onto others. If you see another couple in the backseat of their car don’t automatically think they want to play with you. There is a phrase ‘Players and Displayers’ some couples may want to play with you but if all they want to do is display then respect their wishes.

The most important thing to remember though, is have fun.


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