2 Aug 16

First Time Dogging in Kent: What You Need to Know

If you are thinking about going dogging in Kent then the first thing to do is find a decent dogging forum such as at doggingkent.co.uk, then log into the doggers chat room and see what other peoples dogging stories are like, find out where are the best areas for public sex, and learn about the dogging etiquette as there are some rules to follow, to make dogging more pleasurable and safer for everyone. With dogging there are people who like to actively participate, either by having some kind of sex with their partner and/or with other people there, and there are the doggers who are into the voyeurism of it, they get their kicks by watching other people fuck or suck. Like everything else in life it's a case of different strokes for different folks, sometimes quite literally.

When you go dogging always play it safe, bring lube and condoms, if going alone tell someone where you are going to be, if you connect with local swingers on a Kent doggers chat room, don't give away too much personal information at once. Popular dogging spots can be used by both gay and straight doggers, which can lead to some interesting sexual encounters if you are bisexual or just want to watch guys fuck, and do be prepared for some older doggers, nicknamed the silver swingers!

Once you have picked a place either from information on a dogging forum or from advice from Kent swingers, check where it is first and where the exits are, just in case you have to leave, as some times, the police do check dogging spots, the doggers chat room is the best place to get info about this. If you meet someone and you feel that they are being too pushy or trying to get you to do things that you are not up for doing then be upfront with them, most UK doggers are polite though, and be aware that most doggers use an alias for obvious reasons, so be prepared to maybe see someone that you know, just keep to yourself as privacy is very important in this kinky community.

If you are just into watching then make sure you are clean, if you do decide to play, ask first, and learn the dogging signals, which are one flash of the headlights if the couple just want to be watched, two if they want to play, and only watch if the interior car lights are switched on, and the signal for play is when the windows are rolled down and always ask if you can watch or play. And whether you are laying or watching, show that you are enjoying it, as this will turn everyone on even more. And when you leave, tidy away any used condoms and tissues. Kent is blessed with more than a few sites for UK doggers to play such as the car park at Otford Cemetery, which is off the Otford to Sevenoaks road past the car salesroom. The car park is dark, discreet and there is usually at least one car and some watchers of an evening. If you are a young guy looking for a hot cougar then the car park at Kearsney Abbey on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays after midnight attracts a lot of older, straight women.

Camer Park has been known to have couples pull up for dogging and Rectory Lane, which is off the Aylesham junction from the London, bound A2; look for the turning on the right after the petrol station. There is action in cars and blowjobs behind trees if that is more your scene. So if you are planning your first time dogging in Kent, check out a good dogging forum like doggingkent.co.uk and have fun!


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