31 Aug 16

Kent Dogging Stories

A group of us met on a Kent dogging forum and since then have been taking up our hobby of UK dogging all over Kent with local swingers of all ages, shapes and sexes. Our first night was one we arranged after connecting on a doggers chat room, we shared the same kinks but also had a laugh together and nicknamed ourselves the Porny Posse, it felt great to meet like minded local Kent swingers, suddenly me and the missus weren't the only pervs in town!

Our first Kent dogging location was at Joss Bay, which is close by Broadstairs, we all arranged to meet up at midnight, and knew beforehand the rule about flashing your headlights once for watching only and twice if you want to play, me and the wife flashed twice and so did one of the other cars, the rest flashed once, so we knew we were on. First thing the pair of us double flashers did was switch on our internal car light so people could see exactly what we were up to, we were parked next to the other couple who wanted to play so we rolled our windows down and said our hellos before getting down to it.

My wife was wearing a fishnet body stocking with no crotch and her tits looked amazing under that fishnet, it didn't take me long to get my mouth around her clit and my hands rubbing up and down her curvy body. A crowd was gathered around the two cars now, and I could see the other couple were doing much the same except she had his big cock in her mouth, some of the guys outside had their cocks in hand so to speak, so I stopped for a minute and invited them to feel my wife's tits and finger her sopping wet cunt, well that was it, two guys leapt forward and soon my missus was begging to be screwed, the guy in the other car shouted across if we fancied swapping places and that's exactly what we did, suddenly I had a slim brunette sliding on top of my rock hard dick with her small, high tits pressed into my face, and I could see my curvy, blonde wife bouncing up and down on the other guys dick, the guys watching were having a field day.

I could feel myself getting ready to cum and I asked her if she wanted to put on a bit of a show, she then begged me to take off the condom and jizz into her open mouth, I didn't need to be told twice, off with the Johnny, then spraying her face and open mouth with my spunk, this was too much for a couple of the fellas outside as their spunk hit her tits too, as I gasped with pleasure, I saw my wife take a huge shot of cum on her large tits, what a way to end a night. After that, we had a bit of banter with everyone else and arranged to meet at another Kent dogging spot at the Chilham car park near the toilets, the next Friday at midnight, this was the start of our UK dogging adventures with the Porny Posse.


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