16 Aug 16

More Kent Dogging Stories

As our adventures dogging in Kent with the Perv Posse had just begun, we decided to look for other places to practice public sex with local swingers. Dogging forums such as doggingkent.co.uk are great places to find UK dogging locations wherever you are, and we wanted to explore all the Kent dogging locations that we could find with as many local swingers from Kent, as with dogging, in our experience, the more, the merrier. There are different ways to go about dogging, me and the missus like to swing so we enjoy fucking outside and letting other people join in, men and women, as long as they practice safe sex and ask first before diving in.

Just because we enjoy playing with other people does not mean we don't get to choose who we want playing with our bits and bobs, its just polite in dogging circles to ask first and to clean up beforehand. Other doggers just like to watch, and if it is their first time dogging, they may not know that there are rules for dogging such as don't approach the car unless the interior light is switched on, and always ask if it's ok to watch, some people just enjoy screwing outside but don't care for an audience, again if you aren't sure, just ask. Luckily for me, my wife is very open to encounters with other men and women, which suits me down to the ground, we get to have sex with other people, while getting turned on watching each other being enjoyed by other people and its honest, its not cheating, its consensual, sexy fun.

We had met a nice group of fellow local Kent swingers, the Perv Posse who we met up with on a regular basis, and of course there was the thrill of random people turning up too, some spots are busier than others and if its good weather then it brings more people out for a spot of Kent dogging. We decided to try out a new spot in Dover that we had heard was a popular spot for exhibitionists and doggers, the coach park at the top of the cliffs that look out over the Eastern Docks, you just drive past the toll booth and there you are, we found some astounding views as soon as we pulled up, flashing our lights twice so folk knew we wanted to play. And I am not just talking about the view from the cliff, there was around 10 cars, three with their lights on, with couples obviously fucking inside, one car had a woman bent over the bonnet with a cock up her arse and one in her mouth, and there were about 8 guys and 2 women watching and obviously getting well into it.

We decided to have a watch first to get us in the mood for some kinky outdoor sex, and I felt as hard as a rock as I saw how deep that woman was taking both cocks, once the three of them had come, we decided to put on a show ourselves as there were plenty of doggers to satisfy every couple who were into being watched or played with. My wife opened her coat and bent back against the bonnet of our car wearing a cupless bra and crotchless panties, so I got on my knees and started to lick her out, next thing a guy asks if he can join in, and my wife answers by taking his hard cock into her mouth, I could feel her get wetter and wetter as she got more turned on so I decided to let someone else enjoy her, there was a guy with a huge hard on next to me just eating her up with his eyes so I asked him if he wanted to fuck her, a second later his trousers are round his ankles and he is ball deep in my wife, started to play with her huge tits, and pinched her nipples which were already rock hard, then started to rub my cock on her body, before long I was cumming over her luscious tits while she got a mouthful of spunk and the other guy emptied his load in her wet cunt, yet again doggingkent.co.uk had not let us down.


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